Genes by Year 4

Today we learnt about genes. Dr Fry came in to see us to tell us about genes.

Genes are kept in ‘libraries’ in your body. They can make us look different. Our genes make us who we are. We get our genes from our parents. Your genes decide your hair colour, skin colour, eye colour, if you’re tall or short. Scientist can read what your genes say. We can’t see our genes through a microscope. We share our genes with our families, so we look similar to our families. The further away the relation the less we are likely to look like them.

We learnt about chromosomes and what they look like. Our chromosomes are in pairs. We found out boys have a Y chromosome but girls don’t, they have 2 X’s. The chromosome pairs are shaped in a twist and the pictures we see of them are what artists think they look like.

We learnt that genes can causes things like colourblindness. 1 in 12 boys can have red-green colourblindness and 1 in 200 girls can have red-green colourblindness. There are more boys with this colourblindness because girls have 2 X chromosomes that can replace the problem gene. Genes can cause diseases. Genes can make you have less fingers and thumbs or more fingers and thumbs, if you have an extra finger it’s most likely to happen on your pinky finger.

Some people put jellyfish DNA into mice to make them glow in the dark. Some of us thought this was good but not all of us think this is a good idea to do. ‘Frankenstein food’ is food that’s had its genes changed. Police use DNA to trace the blood samples of criminals.

We learnt that we could be the doctors that find out how to fix DNA and some of us think we’d like to be doctors when we’re older! We know a lot after all of this research we’ve done with Dr Fry!

by Year 4

Year 4 recreate hand x-rays


Year 4 have been learning about the human skeleton. They have explored the different bones, the names and function of bones, and the types of joints in our skeleton.

We have begun to look at the work of Marie Curie and how she developed the x-ray. We decided to recreate an x-ray of our hand, working hard to include all the bones and we discovered there are a lot of bones in our hands!

Here are our x-rays, don’t you think we’ve included a lot of the bones that our hands have!


This is Amy she was the one who kept all the animals from other places around the world that snake there was called noodles. There was five animals the snake, the Madagascan cockroach the name was twinkle toes, the rats name was jelly and her brother was bean so two together is jellybean, the millipedes name was mily and Amy said “its legs is like a toothbrush”. And the spider but we wasn’t to touch it.




A @ZooLabUK visit By Dan

ZooLab  visited us on Monday 17th October 2016. We saw lots of animals and insects. There

was a snake it was called Noodles.  This is Jelly a rat he has a twin brother called beans.


The lady from zoo-lab was called Amy she taught us about animals with cold blood and animals that hibernate. There was cockroach  from Madagascar named Twinkletoes.

Jelly was my favourite he could do a fun trick he would ran down your arm and into bed then he would peep out and look around!

The tarantula was HORRIBLE  and SCARY I didn’t like it.