Year 4 Science Week activity with Reception

Year 4 went down to Reception to talk about the heart and exercise. We went into the playground to do 5 activities to see if our heart rate changed.

We worked in groups and the children had to do skipping, star jumps, running on the spot, hula hooping and throwing and catching. They had to do each activity for one minute. The Reception children went round the circle of activities in twos. All of the children worked really hard and enjoyed it!

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We went back into Reception’s classroom to talk to them about how they felt after the activities. Most of them said they felt tired and one of them said they felt better after the activity. We explained to Reception that when you exercise your heart beats faster to get blood around your body and you breathe more to get more air to your lungs.

We enjoyed teaching Reception about the heart and exercise, we think Reception would enjoy it if we did the activity again.

By Year 4


Exercise by Blake F

Exercise makes your heart send lots of blood .

Your heart is made out of four chambers  top left, top right , bottom left and bottom right

First your blood  goes to your lungs  to get air then it goes around your body.

When you exercise after your heart pumping still for a few more seconds.

Mrs Lewis talked to us about how to find our heart beat. I found mine in my wrist. Then we started  to skip. After we counted our heart beat min was over 100.

Short term effect heavy breathing and sweating.





Heart rate by Jay

On Wednesday the 18th of January 2017 year4 were doing exercise with Mrs Lewis. We were doing about the pulse of the heart. We were finding the best places to find are pulse. We found out the pulse was in our neck and our wrist. We could feel our heart beating in our wrist and neck. Then Mrs Lewis asked a question. The question was what is our heart made of. I said muscles and it was correct! Then Mrs Lewis got out some skipping ropes. She said that we are going to be skipping for 30 seconds. At first I was quite bad but I got better. Mr Tibbitt was really good at skipping. He was skipping really fast.

Then after 30 seconds was over we were all panting out loud. Then we felt our heart rate. Mine was pumping like mad. Then we counted how many times are heart was beating for one minute. My heart rate was 80 beats per minute. I found my answer by putting two fingers against my neck. Some of the other people in my class put two fingers against their wrist. I found it easier to put it against my neck because I could feel my heart rate against my neck. Then Mrs Lewis said that if we doubled are number what would we get. She put us into partners and I was with Zac. He said his number was 24. When we doubled the number it was 48. Then we doubled my number which was 80. When we doubled the number it was 160. Then we dropped our skipping ropes and gathered around Mrs Lewis. She asked us what our doubled number was and if they were past 100.  My number was over 100 so I was fine. Then Mrs Lewis said that we were going to skip again. Mrs Lewis said that the people who got over 100 don’t work as hard as you did last time.

I found it easier to do crisscross skipping. I got tangled a few times but I was on a roll. Then Mrs Lewis said (after 30 seconds) to feel your heart rate. Mine was 85 this time. We got back into the same partners and Zac said his was 64 which I thought was much better than last time. When I doubled Zac’s number we got 128. Then we doubled my number and it came up with 170. Then we went back to gather around Mrs Lewis. When Mrs Lewis asked who got over 100 everyone put their hands up and Mrs Lewis was impressed!

Then Mrs Lewis talked about short and long term affects. Short term affects could be sweat, panting and heart rate increasing. Long term affects could give you muscles. Then Mrs Lewis said that we were going to be skipping for one last time. I was skipping really fast.

Skipping with Mrs Lewis by Ffion

On Wednesday 18th January 2017. Year4 did some skipping out in the school play ground. We did it with MrsLewis for our topic the human body we did it for our heart beat. Year 4 had to skip for 30 seconds it was very hard then we stopped and checked our heart beat on our neck and our wrist. On our neck we had to draw a big smilly face to our soft bit of  our neck and on our wrist we put our 2 fingers on our other hand and we had to put it by our thum and counted our heart rate.

We counted them and then found a partner and doubled our answer with our maths patner I was with Eva and I got 30 but when I doubled it and my answer became 60. Then we skipped for 1 minute and our heart beat should of been over 100 mine was it was 101 but when I doubled in and it became 202 after I felt very hot and tierd and sweaty. If I did it for more than a few days I would of got more fit and healthy and I would get better at skipping. If I did it for shorter I would not get better and I would be very tired I would not get used to it and I would not get better at skipping. I enjoyed skipping with Mrs Lewis.





Measuring our heart rate By Blake C

On Wednesday 18th January 2017 Mrs Lewis taught year4 about how fast our heart goes when we skip. We had to measure our heart so we skipped for two minutes and then counted our heart beat for 30 seconds and mine was 63 so we doubled it so mine was 126. Then Mrs Lewis showed us how to find our pulse. You had to touch your chin and go to the neck on squishy bit or where your watch strap goes on your wrist if you push there you can feel your pulse. There are things called short term effects like sweating and heavy breathing and then there is long term effects like losing weight and growing muscles,and it gets easier.



Looking at our heart rate by William

On Wednesday the 18 of January. We looked at our pulse. We had skipping ropes as well it was tiring then we counted our pulse. Then we doubled it with a math partner. We ran when we was skipping. We skipped  for 2 minutes. There was 2 places were your pulse is your wrist and your squishy bit of your neck. We had 2 ropes a red one for the sort ones and a blue one for the taller ones. There are two things called long term effects and short term effects. If you have a long term effect that means you do stuff like that lots of times. If you get short term effect that means you do stuff like that not very much. When you feel your heart beat it will increases and when you rest it goes down. I fell on the floor and I felt like I was going to explode. I ran and I skipped and all of the cold air went in my mouth.



Exercise by Younis

On Wednesday the 18th of January year 4 were doing exercise because we were learning about heart rate so we did some skipping we were skipping for two minutes and it felt like a very long time. Then we were trying to find were our pulse and our teacher Mrs Lewis said that our pulse was in our wrist but you can’t put you thumb on your wrist because it is a fake pulse. We put both of our middle fingers on our wrist on our wrist  we checked our pulse for thirty seconds and we tried to feel how many beats I had twenty four beats and I doubled it so I had 58 beats.

Then we tried to skip for two minutes again which was very tiring then we had to check our beats again mine was 58 then we had to double it and it was 116 which is more than I got last time so I improved and I was happy with that. Then miss told us to do it again and I was freezing cold so I tried to warm myself up so I skipped really fast and I was still cold. Then she asked us some questions miss said what happens if we do it for a long term effect of time and we said we will get healthy and we will get fit. Then she said if we do this for a long time then we would sweat and I don’t want to be extremely sweaty when it is the Easter holidays. She said if we do this for a long time the our heart rate would be higher and we will grow muscles but  if you do it for a short term effects you will breathe heavily and you will get hot and your heart rate will get higher.

Then we did it another time for one minute and Mr Tibbitt was really good at skipping and he was really fast. So we did it for one minute and I skipped really fast then we checked our heart rate again mine was 56 so I doubled I 112. This time we checked our heart rate a different way we drew a smiley and then we went on the squidgy bit of our neck and we checked it.