5 Sentence Challenge – Valerio

The donkeys are arguing with the geese about who is going to be the king which is a blue robin. The biggest brownest scruffiest donkey of all said “I will be the king because…er…because…er, because you are too small.” The goose said “I will be the king because well because we are white birds.”┬áThen the donkey said “but my friend pig said 4 legs good, 2 legs bad” and at that very moment a robin fluttered over. It landed on a brown wooden fence and said “I’ll be the king for you, anyway I am a real robin king.”

5 Sentence Challenge – Aisha

Two nosey donkeys are having a conversation about the white noisy geese with an orange beak.

The cute yellow goslings are tapping the floor with their black beaks because they are trying to find food.

Two small blue birds are flying in the sky because they want to go to their nest in the tree and see their mummy.

Four mean white geese are eating the beautiful flowers because they are hungry and the two donkeys are very angry at them.

One brown donkey is walking alone cause the other two donkeys don’t want to be his friend.

5 Sentence Challenge – Nivas

There is a robin standing on the old brown wood next to the rare donkey.

The tow donkeys are talking about the noisy goose and they’re trying to find out why they’re eating the flowers.

Why are the donkeys staring at us? the goose asked.

There are beautiful flowers and they’re all colourful and the donkey is smelling it.

There are two birds flying in the cloudy blue sky to another country.

5 Sentence Challenge – Charlie

There is a tiny red robin on the brown fence while staring at the donkeys and geese.

Goslings are on the beautiful green path with the geese and they are sniffing with colourful path.

A brown fence is blocking the white geese from attacking the donkeys and there are beautiful flowers attached to it.

There are 3 brown donkeys staring at the vicious geese their their goslings.

There are pretty blue tiny birds in the sky also flying by the donkeys.

5 Sentence Challenge – Rayaan

Look at those donkeys they are so dirty said the geese and the robin on the fence agreed with them.

I do not like those geese all they do is waddle around and it is annoying said the donkey on the right.

There is a goose who is annoying the donkeys because it is disturbing their lunch and the donkeys don’t like it.

The goslings are eating their dinner but the parents are arguing about where they are going to go to get some food away from here but the goslings don’t want to go.

In the field there is a donkey who is jealous of the other two because they get to eat the flowers but he has to eat grass until he is older.