Year 4 dissect hearts

Today we were looking at the heart and we found our way in through the aorta and the pulmonary artery. The hearts were a different shape to what some of us thought they would be. We felt the hearts and they are made of tissue and muscle. We could see the blood vessels. There was some fat on the outside of the heart because we need some fat in our bodies to keep our organs warm and protect them.

Before we cut them we had to feel them to see which side was the thin side and which was thicker. The thicker side was the ventricle muscle. When we cut the hearts open we could see the blood vessels, the 4 chambers and what we think was the aortic valve. We put our fingers through the aorta and pulmonary artery to see which chamber they went into.

Here’s what we thought about today’s dissection:

It was disgusting but extraordinary to see what was inside our heart.

It was interesting to see what the chambers in our heart look like.

I liked it because I found out that one side of your heart is thinner than the other.

The best part for me was feeling the heart because it felt firm, fleshy, strong and slimy.

I liked the part when we saw all the blood vessels because it was satisfying to see what they looked like.

I expected the heart to be a bit bigger because it pumps in your body.

I didn’t know that the fat around the heart was so hard.

It’s interesting how the heart works hard every day and I saw how the blood gets into the chambers.

I enjoyed looking inside the heart because it was amazing to see lots of blood vessels.

I didn’t like the bit when I touched the heart and it was extremely light.

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Exploring lungs in Year 4

Today we found out how the lungs work. We looked at some lambs lungs with Year 3. We had to put on aprons and gloves and we worked in groups.

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To see how the lungs inflate we used a balloon pump to blow air into the lungs. We put the balloon pump into the trachea and we saw the lungs inflate with air. We were surprised how big the lungs were when they were inflated and how small they went when they were deflated.

One group could clearly see the one of the bronchioles and it looked like a tree. We cut the lungs open and we could see the tubes that lead to the air sacs (alveoli). Another group was able to put their stick through the trachea and found their way into the lungs.

The lungs felt wet, slimy, cold, squishy, and spongy. The trachea felt harder than the lungs and they felt bumpy. On the back of the lungs we could see the tissue that would connect the lungs to other organs.

We all joined in exploring the lungs and here is what we thought:

I thought exploring the lungs was disgusting but okay.

I thought it was weird but awesome because we can see what lungs actually look like.  It was amazing to see how our lungs work hard every day.

It was inspiring to see how the lungs would work. I thought the lungs would be small but today I found out that the lungs were really big to pump a lot of oxygen around your body. I learnt today that our lungs need a lot of oxygen from the air.

It was interesting feeling the lungs because it felt smooth in some places and bumpy in other parts.

It was interesting looking at what’s inside us. I liked it when I put the stick through the trachea into the lungs.

It was interesting how squishy our lungs are.

It was interesting when you blow the lungs up, they change colour. It is satisfying to see how your lungs breathe.

It was amazing to see how our lungs would work.

It was interesting because I saw the holes in the lungs.

It was strange that only one of the lungs inflated.

The bronchioles looked a bit weird but I am a bit squeamish.

I enjoyed touching the lungs because they felt funny and squishy.

5 Sentence Challenge – Valerio

The donkeys are arguing with the geese about who is going to be the king which is a blue robin. The biggest brownest scruffiest donkey of all said “I will be the king because…er…because…er, because you are too small.” The goose said “I will be the king because well because we are white birds.”¬†Then the donkey said “but my friend pig said 4 legs good, 2 legs bad” and at that very moment a robin fluttered over. It landed on a brown wooden fence and said “I’ll be the king for you, anyway I am a real robin king.”

5 Sentence Challenge – Aisha

Two nosey donkeys are having a conversation about the white noisy geese with an orange beak.

The cute yellow goslings are tapping the floor with their black beaks because they are trying to find food.

Two small blue birds are flying in the sky because they want to go to their nest in the tree and see their mummy.

Four mean white geese are eating the beautiful flowers because they are hungry and the two donkeys are very angry at them.

One brown donkey is walking alone cause the other two donkeys don’t want to be his friend.

5 Sentence Challenge – Nivas

There is a robin standing on the old brown wood next to the rare donkey.

The tow donkeys are talking about the noisy goose and they’re trying to find out why they’re eating the flowers.

Why are the donkeys staring at us? the goose asked.

There are beautiful flowers and they’re all colourful and the donkey is smelling it.

There are two birds flying in the cloudy blue sky to another country.

5 Sentence Challenge – Charlie

There is a tiny red robin on the brown fence while staring at the donkeys and geese.

Goslings are on the beautiful green path with the geese and they are sniffing with colourful path.

A brown fence is blocking the white geese from attacking the donkeys and there are beautiful flowers attached to it.

There are 3 brown donkeys staring at the vicious geese their their goslings.

There are pretty blue tiny birds in the sky also flying by the donkeys.