Skipping exercise by Faris

Our teacher Mrs Lewis told us we were going to skip. If you exercise skip, run or doing fast exercise your pulse in your neck and your wrist beats fast.  When your pulse beats really fast you are doing exercise.  The reason we do exercise is to keep fit. Then we had to skip.  The first round I skipped my pulse beat was 56 then you had to double it so then it was 132.

The teacher said to go really slow then my pulse was under 100. Exercise keeps you fit. My class and me had to skip non stop for 1 minute. When you skip slow your pulse slows down. When your pulse beats its called a heart rate. Short term affects are being  tired, hot, sweaty, heart rate increases.  Long term affects are getting better at skipping , fitter, healthier, faster at skipping, stronger.

After a round  of skipping we had to put our hand on our wrist or neck to count our pulse  beats per minute. In our skipping lesson we had to find a math partner to double the number. It was really fun.  First when we got down stairs in the playground before we done our exercise  we had to find our pulse. Even the teachers joined in for a little while. Then we had to fold and knot the skipping ropes.


Heart rate by Zac

On Wednesday 18th January the whole class was doing skipping with Mrs Lewis she told us we were doing heart rates and first we were doing a practise and then for real and doing each one for 30 seconds. All of us got a skipping rope on the real one we counted our pulse its where the wrist is and under your ear we did that for 30 seconds and doubled it for how many beats per minute it does go slower over a longer period of time. I was under a hundred when doubled and then I got above hundred then after that one it was over 200! And Mr Tibbett was joining in the skipping and he was really good. There are long term effects and short term effects of exercising. The long term effects if you exercise a long time you would get muscles, sweat and fitness, and getting used to it. Short term effects is you will get lots of sweat, heavy breathing and your heart beats fast.




Skipping with Mrs Lewis by Dan

On Wednesday 18 January 2017 me and my class went outside to do some skipping and we talked about how our heart rate got faster and faster and then slower and slower. It got faster because we were moving quickly and when we stopped our hearts got slower  because we were relaxing. We could feel our hearts beating because it was loud we talked about what we could feel happening to our hearts and what was happening to our bodies  some people were sweating and breathing heavily. Short term affects are something that happens to you like sweating, breathing heavily, heart beating faster and if you exercise for a long time it is called a long term affect which is something that happens to like getting stronger, getting fitter, getting healthier.



Skipping lesson by Jacquelyn

Did you know that skipping is exercise. If you do exercise then good, if you don’t  to bad. On 19.1.2017 my whole class did a skipping lesson and we have to skip for two minutes and when we finish we got paired up in two and I was parner up with Blake. Before that we countered how many heartbeat beat in a row. After that we had to double our beats and in the first place I had 66 heartbeats and I doubled and I had 112 heartbeats.

Did you know you can feel your heartbeats in two ways. The first way is you can feel it on your left wrist and the other one is on your neck. Some of the short term effects of exercising are breathing hard, sweating and your arms start to ache and long term effects are you could lose weight.