5 Sentence Challenge – Oliver

The two donkeys are leaning over the fence because they are thinking what the geese and goslings are doing.

A group of geese are looking after their goslings while they are eating seeds on the grass.

I can see bright red poppies next to the very tall pink bell like flowers.

It was summer time because there are birds flying in the blue light sky and the robin is singing perched on the fence.

The tree are in full bloom with green purple and white blossoms.

5 Sentence Challenge – Thuraya

The 3 donkeys are watching the 4 geese eating and the donkeys are really mad.

4 geese are looking after the 7 little geese and they are giving them some flowers so they can eat.

The garden has lots of flowers and birds and butterflies because it had lots of beautiful things.

The donkeys are trying to tell the geese to stop eating the flowers.

The donkeys are eating lots of grass while the geese are eating the flowers.


5 Sentence Challenge – Shayaan

The protective geese are being really noisy and the nosey donkey’s are really annoyed by the geese talking.

A beautiful robin is standing on a very tall fence to see why donkeys and geese are arguing with each other.

There are some gorgeous flowers for the donkeys and geese to eat.

A lot of geese are protecting goslings from furious animals.

The geese are being very chatty with each other and the donkey’s are really annoyed.

5 Sentence Challenge – Calum

There are four white geese talking to each other about the tall brown donkey.

The two tall donkeys were staring at the four small geese because one was looking at them.

One of the donkeys was playing in the light green grass and watching his friend.

The gosling was eating some small brown breadcrumbs.

A robin was sitting on a small brown fence watching the beautiful pink flowers grow.

5 Sentence Challenge Nivas

I can see  a snowman near the blue old car and the snowman is wearing a hat and a scarf.

The robin is on the big tree sitting on a branch and the robin is red and white and  brown.

There is a man and a lady holding nine presents and the man and the lady are wearing thick coats and warm boots.

A man is getting in the green expensive old car and the man is wearing a white shirt and a spotty black tie and a thick grey coat.

There is a blue car covered with thick cold snow and a lady is throwing snow balls at the blue car and there is a dog and a woman that is the owner of the dog behind the blue car covered with snow.