Five Sentence Challenge Charlie

1.There is a red post box next to the white snow man with blue clothes on and a orange carrot for a nose.

2.A tiny red and white robin is on a beautiful tree and it’s watching the people with presents and wood slay.

3.A man is trying to get in his green car with his car keys while watching the brown dog with the lady in a grey coat looking at the snowy Christmas tree.

4.There are a bunch of brown houses in this tiny town also one of them has a white sign on it I think its a bar.

5.A little white dog is with his owner watching him I think the owner is about to pick him up and the little white dog has a black coat on.


5 Sentence Challenge Denver

There is a dog with a coat on and the person who looks after him is picking him up from the snow.

There is snow on the house, cars, trees and post box.

I can see a little kid on a sleigh and there is a kid pulling the sleigh.

The kids Mum and Dad are taking the presents with lots of dots on them .

There is a person falling in to the Christmas tree and she has a lot of snow on her.


5 Sentence Challenge Shayaan

1. A white dog is wearing a brown coat because its cold a woman is calling the white dog so she can give the white dog to its owner.

2. Some people are carrying a lot of presents because little children get presents on Christmas day.

3. A robin is sitting in its cosy feathers because the robin needs to hibernate in a warm place.

4. There is a giant Christmas tree for Christmas eve because people are celebrating Christmas eve.

5.  Two children are going to go down a hill with their sled.





5 Sentence Challenge Mefin

1.  I can see a giant snowmen  and  the  children made  the  snowman.

2.  The dog  had fun in  the  snow  and he was  wearing a  coat.

3.  There are a   lot of  Christmas trees and  they look really colourful.

4. I can  see 3 cars   and 1  green cars and 2  blue  cars .

5. The  robin is  really colourful I wish I  was  colourful.


5 Sentence Challenge Thuraya


There is a girl with a green dress that has a dog with a really fluffy cote because it is cold and really snowy.

I can see a robin in a tree under 4 people and 2 are holding presents so that they can put them under the Christmas tree.

A girl is looking for a tree because she was trying to find a Christmas tree for her house.

There is a red post box and by it was a snowman a girl is running by the street because she is late for her dinner.

The cars are not driving because it is very snowy and animals and people are on the street.

5 Sentence Challenge Rayaan

A man  is carrying lots of presents for his family.

There are lots of cars because lots of people are coming for Christmas.

I can see  people are playing a snowball fight and some are playing with their sled.

There is a lot of trees because it is all most Christmas.

By the tree there is big snowman and he has a scarf that is blue and a hat that is blue too.


Five Sentence Challenge Chris

Two ladies have very cute dogs one is brown and one is white the white one might be training.

I think that there is going to be a Christmas party because a lady has a cake and a man has lots of presents.

A robin bird is chirping very contently and someone has decorated a Christmas tree that has a snowman beside it.

All of the cars are covered in snow and a man is going in to his car which is not  covered in snow.

All except one house have a fire to keep warm, dry also comfortable.