Victorian Christmas Decorations

As part of our topic we learned about decorations that Victorians would have used for Christmas and what traditions we have thanks to the Victorians.

On our trip to Cardiff Castle we made a pine cone decoration and a Victorian style Christmas card. We found out that they would make peg dolls to hang on the tree as well as put nuts in bags as little presents. We also found out that Christmas crackers were invented thanks to Tom Smith during the Victorian times.

We decided to make some of these decorations ourselves to experience what it might be like for Victorians to make their own decorations rather than buying them from a shop like most of us do today. We had a great time making our decorations and we’re so proud of what we’ve produced.

This is the end of our Victorian topic. We have loved learning about the Victorians and we have found out so much about them. We have a lot to thank the Victorians for, especially for some of their wonderful inventions and Christmas trees!

5 Sentence Challenge Aisha

The old fashioned blue car is covered in snow because its winter.

An old man and lady are carrying presents for their family.

There’s a little red ,white and black  robin on the tree looking at the snowman.

A boy is pulling the little boy on the sled  so the little boy doesn’t get tired.

A cute dog is wearing a jacket so he doesn’t get cold.


5 Sentence Challenge Nivas

I can see  a snowman near the blue old car and the snowman is wearing a hat and a scarf.

The robin is on the big tree sitting on a branch and the robin is red and white and  brown.

There is a man and a lady holding nine presents and the man and the lady are wearing thick coats and warm boots.

A man is getting in the green expensive old car and the man is wearing a white shirt and a spotty black tie and a thick grey coat.

There is a blue car covered with thick cold snow and a lady is throwing snow balls at the blue car and there is a dog and a woman that is the owner of the dog behind the blue car covered with snow.


5 Sentence Challenge Peyton

I can see a Christmas tree with snow and with coloured baubles.

There two blue cars and one green car parked on the slippery white road and there is a brown dog by the owner.

Two people are holding presents in their hands and the presents are different colours.

Boys are trying to get to somewhere to skid down a hill and one boy is sitting on the sled and the other is pulling it.

People are leaving different patterns and shapes on the frosty white road.


Five Sentence Challenge Charlie

1.There is a red post box next to the white snow man with blue clothes on and a orange carrot for a nose.

2.A tiny red and white robin is on a beautiful tree and it’s watching the people with presents and wood slay.

3.A man is trying to get in his green car with his car keys while watching the brown dog with the lady in a grey coat looking at the snowy Christmas tree.

4.There are a bunch of brown houses in this tiny town also one of them has a white sign on it I think its a bar.

5.A little white dog is with his owner watching him I think the owner is about to pick him up and the little white dog has a black coat on.


5 Sentence Challenge Denver

There is a dog with a coat on and the person who looks after him is picking him up from the snow.

There is snow on the house, cars, trees and post box.

I can see a little kid on a sleigh and there is a kid pulling the sleigh.

The kids Mum and Dad are taking the presents with lots of dots on them .

There is a person falling in to the Christmas tree and she has a lot of snow on her.


5 Sentence Challenge Shayaan

1. A white dog is wearing a brown coat because its cold a woman is calling the white dog so she can give the white dog to its owner.

2. Some people are carrying a lot of presents because little children get presents on Christmas day.

3. A robin is sitting in its cosy feathers because the robin needs to hibernate in a warm place.

4. There is a giant Christmas tree for Christmas eve because people are celebrating Christmas eve.

5.  Two children are going to go down a hill with their sled.