5 Sentence Challenge – Rayaan

Look at those donkeys they are so dirty said the geese and the robin on the fence agreed with them.

I do not like those geese all they do is waddle around and it is annoying said the donkey on the right.

There is a goose who is annoying the donkeys because it is disturbing their lunch and the donkeys don’t like it.

The goslings are eating their dinner but the parents are arguing about where they are going to go to get some food away from here but the goslings don’t want to go.

In the field there is a donkey who is jealous of the other two because they get to eat the flowers but he has to eat grass until he is older.

One thought on “5 Sentence Challenge – Rayaan

  1. Chris(Team5SCC) says:

    Rayaan this is a lovely piece of writing. I am particularly pleased that you included something about how the creatures felt.

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