Trip to Cardiff museum by Jay

Today year4 went to Cardiff museum. At the museum we saw lots of things. Miss Delgado was the teacher. At the museum someone called Liam came. We followed Liam through thee museum to a special room. First Liam brought in a skeleton in called Mr Jones. I learnt that your ankle bone is called a tarsal. Liam asked what things the skeleton does.. The skeleton protects organs. The thoracic cage protects your heart and lungs. Your pelvis protects your digestive system. Your skull protects your brain. I learnt that your spine protects nerves. The skeleton supports. Without your skeleton you would be a blob of jelly.   Then Liam said that we were going to do activities. We got into groups. Our group went over to a table with some animal skeletons. One was a otter. One was a albatross. One was a wallaby. One was a cassowary. We had to label the ones that we think the animals do. We got a little booklet. We wrote are name and then turned to the back. There was some work. We had to match verbs with animals. We had to pick an animal on the table and write about what its skeleton does.. Then we had to write in what the bones in are body are called. Then we drew a skull. I drew an otter skull and a wolf skull. Then we moved on to the next activity. We had to make a skeleton (made of plastic). When we did that we had to label the bones. Then we moved on to the last activity. We had to guess what teeth belonged to which animal. Then we asked questions and went. We went to see the dinosaurs last and then we went back to school.



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