Skipping with Mrs Lewis by Ffion

On Wednesday 18th January 2017. Year4 did some skipping out in the school play ground. We did it with MrsLewis for our topic the human body we did it for our heart beat. Year 4 had to skip for 30 seconds it was very hard then we stopped and checked our heart beat on our neck and our wrist. On our neck we had to draw a big smilly face to our soft bit of  our neck and on our wrist we put our 2 fingers on our other hand and we had to put it by our thum and counted our heart rate.

We counted them and then found a partner and doubled our answer with our maths patner I was with Eva and I got 30 but when I doubled it and my answer became 60. Then we skipped for 1 minute and our heart beat should of been over 100 mine was it was 101 but when I doubled in and it became 202 after I felt very hot and tierd and sweaty. If I did it for more than a few days I would of got more fit and healthy and I would get better at skipping. If I did it for shorter I would not get better and I would be very tired I would not get used to it and I would not get better at skipping. I enjoyed skipping with Mrs Lewis.





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