Looking at our heart rate by William

On Wednesday the 18 of January. We looked at our pulse. We had skipping ropes as well it was tiring then we counted our pulse. Then we doubled it with a math partner. We ran when we was skipping. We skipped  for 2 minutes. There was 2 places were your pulse is your wrist and your squishy bit of your neck. We had 2 ropes a red one for the sort ones and a blue one for the taller ones. There are two things called long term effects and short term effects. If you have a long term effect that means you do stuff like that lots of times. If you get short term effect that means you do stuff like that not very much. When you feel your heart beat it will increases and when you rest it goes down. I fell on the floor and I felt like I was going to explode. I ran and I skipped and all of the cold air went in my mouth.



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