Heart rate by Zac

On Wednesday 18th January the whole class was doing skipping with Mrs Lewis she told us we were doing heart rates and first we were doing a practise and then for real and doing each one for 30 seconds. All of us got a skipping rope on the real one we counted our pulse its where the wrist is and under your ear we did that for 30 seconds and doubled it for how many beats per minute it does go slower over a longer period of time. I was under a hundred when doubled and then I got above hundred then after that one it was over 200! And Mr Tibbett was joining in the skipping and he was really good. There are long term effects and short term effects of exercising. The long term effects if you exercise a long time you would get muscles, sweat and fitness, and getting used to it. Short term effects is you will get lots of sweat, heavy breathing and your heart beats fast.





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