Heart rate by Jay

On Wednesday the 18th of January 2017 year4 were doing exercise with Mrs Lewis. We were doing about the pulse of the heart. We were finding the best places to find are pulse. We found out the pulse was in our neck and our wrist. We could feel our heart beating in our wrist and neck. Then Mrs Lewis asked a question. The question was what is our heart made of. I said muscles and it was correct! Then Mrs Lewis got out some skipping ropes. She said that we are going to be skipping for 30 seconds. At first I was quite bad but I got better. Mr Tibbitt was really good at skipping. He was skipping really fast.

Then after 30 seconds was over we were all panting out loud. Then we felt our heart rate. Mine was pumping like mad. Then we counted how many times are heart was beating for one minute. My heart rate was 80 beats per minute. I found my answer by putting two fingers against my neck. Some of the other people in my class put two fingers against their wrist. I found it easier to put it against my neck because I could feel my heart rate against my neck. Then Mrs Lewis said that if we doubled are number what would we get. She put us into partners and I was with Zac. He said his number was 24. When we doubled the number it was 48. Then we doubled my number which was 80. When we doubled the number it was 160. Then we dropped our skipping ropes and gathered around Mrs Lewis. She asked us what our doubled number was and if they were past 100.  My number was over 100 so I was fine. Then Mrs Lewis said that we were going to skip again. Mrs Lewis said that the people who got over 100 don’t work as hard as you did last time.

I found it easier to do crisscross skipping. I got tangled a few times but I was on a roll. Then Mrs Lewis said (after 30 seconds) to feel your heart rate. Mine was 85 this time. We got back into the same partners and Zac said his was 64 which I thought was much better than last time. When I doubled Zac’s number we got 128. Then we doubled my number and it came up with 170. Then we went back to gather around Mrs Lewis. When Mrs Lewis asked who got over 100 everyone put their hands up and Mrs Lewis was impressed!

Then Mrs Lewis talked about short and long term affects. Short term affects could be sweat, panting and heart rate increasing. Long term affects could give you muscles. Then Mrs Lewis said that we were going to be skipping for one last time. I was skipping really fast.

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