Exercise by Younis

On Wednesday the 18th of January year 4 were doing exercise because we were learning about heart rate so we did some skipping we were skipping for two minutes and it felt like a very long time. Then we were trying to find were our pulse and our teacher Mrs Lewis said that our pulse was in our wrist but you can’t put you thumb on your wrist because it is a fake pulse. We put both of our middle fingers on our wrist on our wrist  we checked our pulse for thirty seconds and we tried to feel how many beats I had twenty four beats and I doubled it so I had 58 beats.

Then we tried to skip for two minutes again which was very tiring then we had to check our beats again mine was 58 then we had to double it and it was 116 which is more than I got last time so I improved and I was happy with that. Then miss told us to do it again and I was freezing cold so I tried to warm myself up so I skipped really fast and I was still cold. Then she asked us some questions miss said what happens if we do it for a long term effect of time and we said we will get healthy and we will get fit. Then she said if we do this for a long time then we would sweat and I don’t want to be extremely sweaty when it is the Easter holidays. She said if we do this for a long time the our heart rate would be higher and we will grow muscles but  if you do it for a short term effects you will breathe heavily and you will get hot and your heart rate will get higher.

Then we did it another time for one minute and Mr Tibbitt was really good at skipping and he was really fast. So we did it for one minute and I skipped really fast then we checked our heart rate again mine was 56 so I doubled I 112. This time we checked our heart rate a different way we drew a smiley and then we went on the squidgy bit of our neck and we checked it.


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