Big Pit visit by Jay

Friday 18th November 2016

Today Year 4 went to Big Pit. We went to big pit to learn about the poor children working in the coal mine. The lady who taught us about the poor victorians was called Helena. Helena talked about a girl. the girl’s name was Henrietta Franklin. She was 11 years old. Her job was to draw drams. The law had changed. The new law was that children under 11 years was not aloud to go in the coal mine. It still was not good for henrietta because she was 11 years old. Then only women was not aloud to go into the coal mine.  I was the first child to pull a dram full of fake coal. I had to go on my hands and feet. I had a thick rope around my waist. The rope was atached to a chain. The chain was atached to the dram. The dram was very heavy (thats what I thought). The dram was heavy because it did not have any wheels.  I would not like to do that job.

Then we got in to groups. Helena sorted the groups in to corners. In my group was Blake C, Blake F, Zac and myself. We got a clipboard and pencil. The clipboard had a piece of paper on it. On the piece of paper was some questions. The first thing my group did was pulling the dram. A few people in my group said it was easy. They had to bring it to one end of the wall to the other and back. Then we went to a table with coal on it. The coal was in a plastic box. There was a piece of cardboard on the table as well! The card board had some writing on it. The writing answered some of our questions. We tried to lift the coal. It was very heavy but every person in my group could lift it. Then we took some coal out of the box. We rubbed our fingers against the coal until our fingers were black. Then we rubbed our fingers all over our face. That bit was fun.

Then we went to another activity. We got to answer a few more questions. We went under a small tunell. The tunell had speakers which said a few things about the coal mine. We started to pull drams. We answered which one was the heaviest and which one was the lightesed. The one that was the lightesed was the one with wheels. The one that was the heaviest was the one without wheels. Then we went to a place with plates that had words on them. The place had clothes with black bugs on them. There was a lot of words to read. There was a kettle. It was the kitchen! We had a look around. We saw a green box. There was glass inbetween  the green bits. There was paper in the box. We read what it said on the paper. Then we went back into the room. We sat in our corners. Helena asked as the questions that was on the sheet of paper. Each group got a turn to answer the questions. We  did not answer all of the questions but we answered a couple. I learnt that Henrietta’s job was drawing drams.

We went to eat lunch after that. Then my class went to the coal mine. First we had to put helmets on. Then we had to put a belt aroud our waists. Then I had a light which was put onto our helmets. Then we went into a shaft. When everybody got into the shaft the shaft went down into the coal mine. When we got down a man said to follow me. We got to a point where it was time to talk. I got to be a volenteer. I had to press a button which made a noise. It was a bell. Then we got to a door. We had to turn all our lights of. It was pitch black. Then we turned them on again. We walked until we got to some horse stables. The horses had names like king or shadow. I would not like to work in the coal mine. We got back up to normal ground after the underground tour. Then we went to a place called the mining galliry. We got to watch TV in the mining galliry. After the mining galliry we got some goody bags. Finally we went back to school.



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