Big Pit visit by Faris

On Friday 18 of November 2016

My class went to Big pit. It was a long way. First we went to a room and met a lady called Helena. She asked some questions about Victorians. She said talk to someone next to you about how it would be like in the Victorians. After that we were split in to groups 3 or 4 then there were 4 groups. 2 of the groups went to the other room one group went to the other room the activities  were pulling a cart, going under a small door and see what it would have been like for children, holding coal and seeing what it was like in a Victorian cottage. Then the groups swapped over it was really fun. I would never have that job.Victorian children worked in factories 16 hours.

Then we went to have lunch when we finished we walked to the place were you go underground. We had to wait 10 minutes and we had to have a special belt and hat. The lift was not like a normal one it was a red one it went 90 meters underground. It was cold underground. When we went we were walking the man told us about the bells the wires could make sparks my friend Jay pressed the button and it made a ding ding sound.

Then we went to the horse stables. King was a special horse. Then we went to the wooden doors the children had to push them in the Victorians. We turned are lights off it was pitch black. Then we were going back the man told us about the machines . Then he told us about the Davy lamp it wasn’t that bright then we went back to the surface. There was a cinema that was 10 minutes we saw a machine the man was funny. In the cinema there were loud bangs. Then we went back to school.

I would not like to be a Victorian child it is a dirty would be dark and dusty. Men had to push carts. Children only got 5p a day. The name of the man is gus.








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