On Friday 18th of November 2016 our class went to Big Pit. A lady named Helena she  was the woman who told us about what jobs they  would have. we got to pull a dram that did not have wheels and did not have coal in it so it was very light. If the dram did have coal it would of have been very heavy and hard to pull .We all found cards that a woman named Henrietta Franklin told a reporter what it was like in the mines. It was very interesting to find out what it was like with a job in the mines.

We met a man named Gus he knew the Mines inside out. He worked in the mines. He showed us what it was like when we did not have no light at all. Gus told us about what would happen if there was a leak. So if there was a leak and it hit the wires that sound the bell so if there was a problem tell the rest of the miners. If the gas touched the sparks  touched the cable it could cause a underground explosion. we had to we had to have lights on our helmets so we could see. We learnt about a trappers job they would have to open the doors for the carters who pulled the drams.



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