On the 18th of November we went to Big Pit. It was a little bit scary underground but I got used to it. It was exciting to go there but scary as well. We did not see all of it but I think we saw the best. But it was super scary to go underground and to put our lights off. We saw all of the horses beds it must of been scary for the horses in the dark all alone. We saw where all the children was opening the doors and closing them.

In the workshop there was a dress on the table no one tried it on but I did! They had a little version of the coal mine you cud hear little voices and the people out side can pull little rope and when you are in it you can hear  banging as well.We had a pretend mine cart to pull it was hard and that was just a pretend one they would need help them with coal in it! When we went on the bus it was one hour pretty long.To be honest it was colder out side than underground.We smudge coal on our faces to make us look like miners.We read cards and stuff and we even saw a movie about miners and saw a thing what it would for the miners it felt like real life in side it and there was a big drill and a man was guiding us along the way and there was a red lift that pulled us up and down.



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