On Friday 18th November year 4 went to Big Pit and first we met a lady called Helena she told us how hard it would be if we were in Victorian age coal miners.We were in 4 groups and there were three and fours 2 were 3 and 4 after that we were going in the coal mine! But we had to wait a long time about 10 minutes and we watched TV.

Then we got coal mine safety equipment a helmet, light and just a belt then we went down a lift called a lift shaft. It was kind of noisy when we got down we were half way down the coal mine that exploded.The man who came talked and at the end he passed some coal around. It was kind of big about a size of a cube.Then walked down the coal mine and then he told us what a bell was for it was for when the coal is coming down and 1 ring was to stop and 2 was keep going then he asked us to cover the light then it looked like fireworks in the dark.

We walked then to the trappers and showed how to open it and would happen if their candle went out.It was bitch black I could not see a thing so I knew Younis was beside me so I held his coat.Then he told us to switch our lights on.Then we walked some more then.Then he told us there was horses underground they had all different names were  Shadow and King and their was others but I can’t remember them all. Next we walked some more in the tunnel and we were in a gas room Blake C  was standing on a stall made of metal.And there was a little bell and a instruction board with 1,2 and 3 beat bell.Then finally we were going out of Big Pit it was a bit slow at the bottom then a little faster every second and the same lift we were going at the start.We didn’t keep the things we wore but got a goody bag! But I have not opened it yet.



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