Big Pit adventures by Dan

On Friday 18th November 2016 year 4  went to Big Pit to see a coalmine it was dark and damp. before we went into the coal mine. We went into a room with a dram the dram was used for pulling the coal from one place to another the dram had no wheels.There were four different activities to do the first one was going into a dark tunnel there were tiny speakers that talked.The person who was talking was Henrietta Franklin we learned about her. The second activity was looking at clothes that the people in the mine   would of worn my friend was so brave and he tried it on! The next activity was pulling a dram full of fake coal. The last activity was touching coal and putting it on our hands and faces.

We had lunch and we went down into the coal mine in the lift shaft. The lift shaft went down ninety meters there were lots of horses. Then owners treated the horses better than children because if the horses became blind  they would cost money but the children don’t cost money in the mine I was a trapper and my job was to open the door for other people we stopped at a tunnel and we all turned are lights off  so we knew how it felt for the people in Victorian times. It was pitch black there was no light  at all. Some people even cried!





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