Big Pit adventure by Ffion

On Friday the 18th November year 4 went to Big Pit. We did some things with Helena. I was in a group with Alexandra and Grace. We pulled a cart of coal it was very hard. We touched some coal it was dusty. We went into a tunnel and it had voices in it. My favourite activity was pulling the cart of coal and going into the tunnel that was really fun. It was creepy like a coal mine.

Then after that we went down into the coal mine but first we had to wear a helmet and a belt then we went into the lift and went down 90 meters to get to the coal mine but in the Victorian times it would of been cold damp and dark. Some year 4’s got to open and close the trap doors. If the Victorian parents could not afford a light it would be pitch black they would only see light when the children that pulled the carts full of coal.

I would not of liked to be a trapper or a cart puller it would of been hard and tiring. You had to work long hours a day and it would be very boring if you were a trapper and if your candle went out you where not allowed to light it again.

The man then took us down his name was Gus he used to be a coal miner. We saw the stables that the horses lived in the Victorian times.We all so switched our lights off it was very dark then we switched them on again that showed that in the Victorian times if the children and adults did not have a lamp it would be pitch dark.

They had lunch down in the coal mine they had a metal box for there lunch and a metal cup for there drink they did not have a glass cup because if they dropped it it would smash.





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